Dr. Sherlock's Vitreous

Supplemement to the "Goldmann Lecture", presented at the 100th. Anniversary of the Swiss Ophthalmological Society 2007

Sherlock Holmes guided me whenever I taught students the art of observing minute signs easily overlooked, the kind of signs that Sherlock would have pointed out to his rivals at Scotland Yard with a fine twinkle in his eye.
The "Introduction to Biomicroscopy in the Clinical Examination of the Vitreous" contributes to this goal in two ways. First, it contains a textbook offering a systematic approach to the anatomy and the pathology of the vitreous. Second, it includes a compilation of selected cases in video-sessions with Dr. Sherlock explaining vitreous signs indicative of posterior segment pathology. Links are provided to switch from one section to the other and thus to correlate actual cases with their theoretical background.

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