Techniques in Biomicroscopy

An Introduction to the Slit Lamp Examination of the Eye for the Inquiring Mind

This program "for the inquiring mind", is aiming at goals beyond the narrow limits of daily routine. In many clinical situations the use of the slit lamp as a mere illuminated microscope may suffice for arriving at therapeutic decisions. There are, however, situations more complex requiring examination techniques taking advantage of all the refinements of a modern slit lamp. With this purpose in mind, "Techniques of Biomicroscopy" presents an introduction to the fundamentals of the slit lamp, especially to the illumination techniques for the visualisation of the transparent (i.e. "invisible") optical media of the eye.

In the clinical section of this program we resisted the strong temptation to concentrate on the most obvious pathological findings, since these are easily detected. This program will rather instruct how to become aware of the atypical in a seemingly typical situation.

It was not possible to deal with all parts of the eye in this program. Therefore a few subjects only were selected here as examples for the application of the slit lamp technique.

For the examination of the vitreous the reader is referred to the program "Dr.Sherlock’s Vitreous", also accessible on this website.

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