Original Papers on Vitreous Anatomy

The original descriptions of the methods for examinig unfixed autopsy specimens can be downloaded here:

  1.   Slitlamp Examination of the Vitreous in Autopsy Eyes
      Summaries in English, texts in German
  I. Autopsy Technique and Examination Method
  II. The Pattern of the Visible Vitreous Structures
  III. Its Relations to Histology and Biomicroscopy; the Clinical Applications
  IV. Equatorial Degenerations
  V. Postnatal Developement

Experiments on Development of the Vitreous
      Summary in English, text in German
  3. The Hyalo-Capsular Zonula
      Summary in German, text in English
  4. Slit-Lamp Examination of Unfixed Vitreous in Animals
  I. In Bovines
  II. In Cats
  III. In the Horse
  IV. In Sheep, Pigs, Dogs, Apes and Rabbits
  5. Zur Anatomie des Glaskörpers
      Summary in English, text in German

The originals of the photographs are in the archives of the Institute for Medical History at Bern University, Switzerland www.mhi.unibe.ch